Welcome to the Rothemund Lab

We research new designs and methods to expand the toolkit of DNA nanotechnology. After demonstrating the technique of DNA origami, we are interested in integrating it in different fields where its programmability and modularity can bring added value.

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Our lab is located at Caltech and we are part of the Biology and Biological Engineering, Computing + Mathematical Science and Computation & Neural Systems divisions.
We form a DNA nanotechnology supergroup and frequently collaborate with the Winfree and Qian labs.


29. May 2020

Anya Mitskovets has succesfully defended her Ph.D. thesis on 'Using DNA origami to create hybrid nanophotonic architectures for single-photon emitters'.

27. March 2020

Tyler Ross has succesfully defended his Ph.D thesis with Matt Thompson and joins the lab as a postdoc.

20. December 2019

The new website for the Rothemund lab is online

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